Employees & Departments

ASF staff are highly committed, professional and caring individuals many of whom have served with the agency for a number of years.  Many ASF staff members are bi-literate and speak fluent Spanish.


Philip Yaeger
Executive Director/CEO
(949-809-5705) or pyaeger@ocasf.org

Michael Brewer
Senior Administrative Assistant
(949-809-5706) or mbrewer@ocasf.org

Lisa Osborn
Human Resources Generalist
(949-809-5724) or losborn@ocasf.org



Guita Sharifi
Chief Financial Officer
(949-809-5753) or gsharifi@ocasf.org


Diana Meier, LCSW, MPH
Senior Director of Programs
(949-809-5737) or dmeier@ocasf.org

    Volunteer Services

    Tammy Nguyen
    Volunteer Coordinator
    (949-809-5771) or tnguyen@ocasf.org

    HIV Testing & Prevention

    Mario Casas Gonzalez
    HIV Prevention Specialist
    (949-809-8775) or mgonzalez@ocasf.org

    Jonathan Ramirez
    HIV Prevention Specialist
    (949-809-8770) or jramirez@ocasf.org

Support Programs

Thom Chapman
Director of Support Services
(949-809-5770) or tchapman@ocasf.org

Thomas Santos
Food Pantry Coordinator
(949-809-8769) or tsantos@ocasf.org

Brent Wellman
Food Pantry Coordinator
(949-809-8769) or bwellman@ocasf.org

HIV Prevention & Health Education

Randy Hernandez
Director of HIV Prevention & Health Education
(949-809-8774) or rhernandez@ocasf.org

HIV Counseling and Testing Coordinator

Lupe Uribe
Nurse Case Manager
(949-809-5728) or luribe@ocasf.org

Margaret Faux
Nurse Case Manager
(949-809-5748) or mfaux@ocasf.org

Ida Duron
Nurse Case Manager
(949-809-5777) or iduron@ocasf.org

Sharon Petrillo
Nurse Case Manager
(949-809-5744) or spetrillo@ocasf.org

Jenny Ayala
Nursing Supervisor
(949-809-5797) or jayala@ocasf.org

Olivia Bassett
Registered Dietitian
(949-809-5745) or obassett@ocasf.org

Rodrigo G. Reyes
Case Management Assistant
(949-809-5743) or rreyes@ocasf.org

Ryan Assaf
PrEP Navigator
(949-809-8771) or rassaf@ocasf.org

Mental Health

Armida Acosta
Mental Health Counselor
(949-809-5798) or aacosta@ocasf.org

Natalia Nava
Family Programs Coordinator
(949-809-5710) or nnava@ocasf.org

Social Work and Social Services Case Management

Sandra Boodman, LCSW
Director of Clinical and Case Management Services
(949-809-5730) or sboodman@ocasf.org

Wendy Lords, MSW, PhD
Lead Social Worker
(949-809-5732) or wlords@ocasf.org

Amanda Peraza
Social Worker
(949-809-8767) or aperaza@ocasf.org

Ben Quan
Social Worker
(949-809-8734) or bquan@ocasf.org

Martha Gomez
Lead Social Services Case Manager
(949-809-5716) or mgomez@ocasf.org

Diana Munoz
Social Services Case Manager
(949-809-8766) or dmunoz@ocasf.org

Ana Mora
Social Services Case Manager
(949-809-5712) or amora@ocasf.org

Evelia Saucedo
Social Services Case Manager
(949-809-5709) or esaucedo@ocasf.org

Gabriela Alvarado-Zavala
Social Services Case Manager
(949-809-5719) or gazavala@ocasf.org

Brigett Gusman
Service Coordinator
(949-809-5774) or bgusman@ocasf.org

Adilene Esquivias
Linkage to Care Case Manager
(949-809-8766) or aesquivias@ocasf.org


Housing and Benefits

George Smith
Director of Housing & Benefits
(949-809-5784) or gsmith@ocasf.org

Rosa Tavarez
Housing Case Manager
(949-809-5781) or rtavarez@ocasf.org

Jonathan Brewer
Housing Plus Project Case Manager
(949-809-5782) or jbrewer@ocasf.org

Rob Natsuhara
Benefits Counselor
(949-809-5715) or rnatsuhara@ocasf.org

James Hernandez
Eligibility Screener
(949-809-5736) or jhernandez@ocasf.org

Claudia Alvarez
Eligibility Screener
(714-834-7882) or calvarez@ochca.com

Ivon Huitron
Eligibility Screener
(714-834-7837) or ihuitron@ochca.com

CDC Project

Javier Saucedo
Project Manager
(714-868-5602) or jsaucedo@ocasf.org

Gabriel Reyes
Linkage to Care Case Manager
(714-868-5603) or >greyes@ocasf.org

Rigoberto Pimental
Prevention Navigator
(714-868-5607) or rpimental@ocasf.org

Bianca Ramirez
HIV Counseling & Testing Specialist
(949-868-5604) or bramirez@ocasf.org

Manny Muro
HIV Counseling & Testing Specialist
(949-868-5606) or mmuro@ocasf.org


  • 17982 Sky Park Circle
  • Suite J
  • Irvine, CA 92614-6482


  • AIDS Services Foundation Orange County
  • (PHONE) 949-809-5700
  • (FAX) 949-809-5779


  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:30 am to 5:00 pm