2015-2016 Programs

Case Management:

Services to clients begin first through ASF’s case managers who assess the individual needs of each person and then develop a plan to assist them.

  • During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, approximately 1,225 people were helped through case management.

Housing Assistance:
ASF provides a range of services such as help with rental payments, utilities and emergency housing with people affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

  • 30 people and their families received ASF payments toward rent.
  • 5 clients received payments for utilities.
  • 24 security deposits provided for ASF clients.
  • 32 people and their families were provided 103 rental payments through ASF’s STAR program.
  • 61 people were provided 4,183 bed nights in motels or sober living arrangements through ASF’s Emergency/Transitional Housing program.
  • 97 Life Skills workshops were presented.

Transportation to medical and social service appointments:
ASF makes transportation available through bus, taxi and agency owned vans for people needing to reach important health care appointments.   In the 2015-2016 fiscal year 262 clients were provided this assistance.

  • 2,188 bus passes to clients to reach medical appointments. (Includes monthly and daily passes.)
  • 3,534 ACCESS passes for curb-to-curb transportation.
  • 2,408 one-way van trips provided by ASF vehicles.
  • 403 one way taxi rides were made available.

Food Pantry and Nutritional Support Program:
Last year, ASF provided 410 people with over 4,840 food orders made available through a well-stocked food pantry, operated in large part by volunteers within the agency’s Irvine office.

  • In total, 232,320 meals were given to people who otherwise may have had inadequate or not enough food.
  • 163 clients received 2,018 30-day supplies of Ensure® (60,552 cans) to help them maintain a healthy weight.

Wilbur May Family and Children’s Program:
Because a positive HIV diagnosis can affect an entire family, ASF established the Wilbur May Family and Children’s Program, made possible through the generosity of Anita May Rosenstein and the Wilbur May Foundation.  Services were given to 80 families in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

  • 81 participants attended ASF’s Annual Family Camp, held in August each year in Idyllwild, CA.
  • 125 kids were given new toys, clothing, electronics and gift cards through the Holiday Gift program.
  • 20 children attended ASF’s Kid’s Club Support Group for HIV infected and affected children.

Mental Health Programs:
ASF makes available support groups and individual counseling for clients and their families.  All services are provided free and made available by licensed therapists and psychologists.

  • Last year, ASF staff assisted 105 clients through its various support groups and individual sessions.

Health Education and Prevention Program

HIV continues to spread at an alarming rate. In Orange County there is nearly one new infection a day.  Latinos account for 51 percent of all new HIV cases in Orange County.  There are many reasons for this; lack of relevant and effective education and prevention information, cultural sensitivities and language barriers.

ASF actively promotes its prevention and health education programs such as Positively Speaking and testing to help people understand how to avoid HIV disease.  The best way to slow the spread of HIV is to know one’s HIV status.  ASF provides free, confidential HIV testing at its Irvine office.  Visit www.ocasf.org for testing hours.

  • Annually ASF reaches over 3,300 people through the agency’s Positively Speaking program.
  • About 1,800 people received free HIV testing through ASF.



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