Goodbye Friends!

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Volume 1 / Entry 27
November 1, 2012

Hello friends,

For the entire 4+ years that I’ve worked at AIDS Services Foundation, there has been an unstoppable presence associated with the agency. She led a group of volunteers that worked super-human miracles in fund raising and outreach for the agency. They are Barbara Venezia and The Friends of Dorothy Guild which she chaired.

After 6 years of the guild’s existence, they have decided to sunset. Their final event was Saturday, October 20.

In my first position as Development Administrator, I worked pretty closely with Barbara, providing administrative and creative support. I also worked each event helping the Dorothy volunteers at registration or run credit cards for membership or raffle ticket purchases. It was great fun helping this great group achieve the goals they set for themselves.

As the guild became more autonomous, the Dorothy’s needed me less and less. I still attended the events but mostly oversaw activities such as registration and helped with Silent auction check-out. I got to see more and more of the actual events and see Barbara and the guild in action. They were so passionate about what they were doing.

My contact with the group lessened further when I changed to my current position. But every time I needed something from Barbara, she was always available and grateful for being asked. That’s rare in someone as busy as she is.

I just wanted to take this blog posting and write a quick tribute to the force of nature that is Barbara Venezia and the work that she did with The Friends of Dorothy Guild to promote ASF and the work we do in the community. I also wanted to recognize the over $700,000 the guild raised for ASF over the last 6 years. Amazing and irreplaceable!

To Barbara and the Friends of Dorothy Guild…thanks for the memories, the thanks and respect you always offered me and the work you did for ASF’s clients.

Thanks for reading!

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