1987 The first Walk to raise funds to assist people living with HIV/AIDS in Orange County is established by a group of caring citizens and volunteers. The money is distributed among several agencies to help provide essential prevention and care programs.

1996 – AIDS Services Foundation Orange County steps forward and assumes responsibility for the planning, implementation and management of AIDS Walk.

2001 – AIDS Walk Orange County passes the $10 million mark, raising that much money since inception in 1986. The money is made available toward services and programs for people living with HIV/AIDS.

2008 – OC AIDS Walk steps up to the plate! The Walk reinvigorates itself by moving to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim after 21 years in Irvine. The relocation garnered additional attention from residents and focused on the heart of Orange County, where there is a growing concentration of new HIV cases.

2009 – OC AIDS Walk returns to Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Despite an economically challenging year, participants again show that stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS is a cause worth supporting. More than 5,000 walkers help raise nearly $500,000 for eleven Orange County agencies serving people affected by HIV/AIDS.

2010 – AIDS Walk Orange County moves to The Great Park in Irvine. The Park is located on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. The goal is to raise $650,000 to support nine recipient agencies serving persons living with HIV/AIDS in Orange County.

2011 – It is decided, for the 25th Anniversary of the Walk, that a more prominent venue is necessary to highlight our continuing fight with the disease. The Disneyland Resort, a long-time sponsor of the Walk with an active and successful walk team, becomes the location for our Silver Anniversary.

2016 – AIDS Walk Orange County celebrates 30 years of raising funds for the people of Orange County affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. A tag line of “Reclaiming the ’80s” is used to remind participants of the devastating toll of the disease when the walk was created but also as a statement of hope as we turn the tide against the disease in Orange County and take a moment to celebrate the music, fashion, and style of the ’80s in a way we couldn’t 30 years ago.

2017 – This year, AIDS Walk Orange County is on a crusade to be a POWERFUL force for change!  We want to remind everyone that, in our community, our Heroes are Zeros!  Zero new infections. Zero deaths.  Zero discrimination. So don your cape, slide on that spandex and put on those boots.  Our Heroes don’t fly, they WALK (or run!) to end HIV!


  • 17982 Sky Park Circle
  • Suite J
  • Irvine, CA 92614-6482


  • AIDS Services Foundation Orange County
  • (PHONE) 949-809-5700
  • (FAX) 949-809-5779


  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:30 am to 5:00 pm