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Volume 2 / Entry 1
January 3, 2013

Hello friends,

Following is a short list of things for all of us to think about during the year to come. Not only will they you, they will help the community. We are still working toward an AIDS-free generation in 2015. Keep these resolutions in mind and we just might get there!

Resolve to know your status.

Resolve to get tested and end the spread of HIV.

Resolve to talk about HIV with your friends and loved ones.

Resolve to end the stigma of HIV and AIDS.

The more open and honest we all are about this disease, the more mainstream it will become. The more mainstream it is, the easier it will be to stamp it out with prevention efforts and managed care.

HIV has not gone away. AIDS is not curable. It is still a pandemic.

Resolve to do your part.

Thanks for reading!

Marc Montminy
Director of Communications and Public Relations


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