That Was My Idea! (Revisited)

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Volume 1 / Entry 14
May 17, 2012

Hello friends,

Well, it’s happened again.

Since the beginning of April, as part of our messaging for AIDS Walk Orange County, we have been calling this period in the agency’s history “The Beginning of the End of AIDS in Orange County.” We are refocusing our direction and vision from looking at what we can do to help those already infected with HIV/AIDS to concentrating and redoubling our prevention and education efforts. And outreach efforts will be focused on the communities most at risk in the county.

If we stop new infections today, this epidemic, like all others, will kill itself off. The simple fact is that HIV cannot live outside the body. It also dies along with its host. If we contain the virus now, it will cease to exist in our lifetime.

On Wednesday, May 23, the Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus, in conjunction with amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research and AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, will conduct a Capitol Hill briefing on the research agenda necessary to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. What is the briefing called? “Beginning to End the AIDS Epidemic: What’s the Research Agenda?”

I’m glad that Congress is finally jumping on the bandwagon to end AIDS, not just treat it. However, I wish they would also give me and ASF credit for giving them the idea to begin the end. All kidding aside, hopefully this briefing will lead to action and not just be informative.

In the invitation from amfAR, the briefing is described as an exploration of “the research agenda needed to bring the epidemic to a close, with special focus on a review of the status of existing and upcoming scientific research, including work being done on microbicides, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), treatment as prevention, vaccines, and the search for a cure for HIV/AIDS. In presentations and in a moderated discussion, the panel will review recent research results, translating research into practice, and the importance of engaging communities, especially those at highest risk of acquiring HIV, in the research agenda.”

So, here’s to the Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus. From 3,000 miles away, we welcome you to the “Beginning of the End of AIDS.” May we all see it come to fruition in this lifetime!

Thanks for reading!

Marc Montminy
Director of Communications and Public Relations


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