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Volume 1 / Entry 3
February 16, 2012

Hello friends,

The word “volunteer” has been in use in the English language since about the year 1600. It is derived from the obsolete French word “voluntaire” which in turn had its origins in the Latin “voluntarius.” The Latin word has been shown to have two meanings, voluntary and willing.

We at ASF take very seriously the roles our volunteers play in the everyday operation of our agency. Not only do we ask volunteers to work in the food pantry stocking client orders or delivering those orders to homebound individuals, but we have volunteers as the frontline face of the agency, working the reception desk in shifts for 8 hours a day. We can all agree that it must be no easy task! How much more important can someone be?

Last year, volunteers donated over 26,500 hours of time to the agency. That is the equivalent of nearly 13 full-time employees! The equivalent dollar value of those hours? Over $622,000!

Sherry Marger, one of our volunteers who has an afternoon shift at the reception desk every Thursday, commented, “I have always done volunteer work for many organizations. None of my time has been as valuable an experience as working for ASF. I think this is because I see immediate results [for] the clients that walk through the door.”

On a personal note, I’d like to mention the beautiful soul that is Jerry Dunn. Jerry volunteers one day a week in the food pantry. That should be enough for one man. But on that day that he volunteers, he takes it upon himself to visit each and every one of us in the office to say hello and spread some welcome cheer. His visit is truly a highlight of my week.

Without special volunteers like Sherry and Jerry, and the hundreds of others they represent here, willing to voluntarily share their time and energy with our staff and clients, ASF would not and could not be as successful as it is. I would like to offer a special thanks to all of our volunteers for being here when they can. And I invite you, reader, to volunteer in your community. The time you put in is invaluable to the agencies and individuals you will serve. And hopefully, the experience will be rewarding for you, too!

For more information on volunteer opportunites at ASF, please contact Carolyn Spivak, ASF director of volunteer services and community outreach, at (949) 809-5771 or cspivak@ocasf.org.

Thanks for reading!

Marc Montminy
Director of Communications and Public Relations


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